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451 Electronics

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The ONLY Dual Sensing Vacuum-Assisted Power Braking System in Europe
that maintains the level of vacuum in your towed vehicle power brakes - No dead pedal
Legal Information

UNECE Regulation 13 Trailers of category O2 shall be eqipped with a service braking system either of the continuous or semi-continuous or of the inertia (overrun) type. The latter type shall be permitted only for centre axle trailers.
2.12 "Inertia (or overrun) braking" means braking by utilizing the forces generated by the trailer's moving up on the towing vehicle.

Smart-Tow complies with current and known forthcoming legislation:

It energises the towed vehicle’s own power brakes, ensuring the efficiency is as intended by the original manufacturer of the car.
It can be towed by ANY suitable tow vehicle equipped with 50mm 12N tow hitch and is not limited to only one modified tow vehicle
It is dual sensing and will only brake when the brakes in the Motorhome are applied, therefore it can reverse freely without drag.
In the event of breakaway, the Smart-Tow safety feature will come into play, the safety cable will pull the breakaway pin out of the breakaway switch, and the emergency power brakes will automatically be applied.
It does not have any control/sensing devices illegally mounted in the towing vehicle cab

As Smart-Tow does not utilise the forces generated by the trailer moving up on the towing vehicle it is not affected by of Regulation 13

Am I legal in the UK?

Towing Frame

Note on A-Frames, issued by the Department of Transport

When an "A" frame is attached to a vehicle (e.g. a motor car) and towed by a motor vehicle (e.g. motorhome) we believe the "A" frame and car become a single unit and as such are classified in legislation as a trailer. As a consequence the car and A-frame are required to meet the technical requirements for trailers when used on the road in Great Britain. These requirements are contained within the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 (SI 1986/1078) as amended (C&U) and the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 (SI 1989/1796) as amended (RVLR).

Trailers having a combined axle mass not exceeding 750kg are not required to have brakes fitted. However, if the trailer (regardless of mass) is fitted with a braking system, then all brakes in that system must operate correctly. The regulations do not include design constraints on how this should be achieved but, for example, it could be met by direct linking of the trailer brakes to the brake system of the towing vehicle or by automatic inertia (overrun) operation via the towing hitch. Inertia systems can only be used for trailers with a maximum combined axle mass of 3500kg.

Regulations 15 and 16 set out the braking requirements - including minimum braking efficiencies for trailer brakes. Subject to certain age exemptions, the regulation requires the braking system to comply with the construction, fitting and performance requirements of European Community Directive 71/320/EEC along with its various amending Directives. The most recent consolidated directive is 98/12/EC. Alternatively the braking system can comply with the corresponding UNECE Regulation No.13.09.

In addition, C&U Regulation 18 requires the braking system to be maintained in good and efficient working order. If the brakes of the towing vehicle do not directly operate the trailer brakes the use of an inertia (overrun) system is acceptable. If the trailer braking system has power assistance (i.e. servo or full power) it is likely that this assistance will be required while in motion to meet the required braking efficiencies. This is because once the vacuum reservoir is depleted it is possible that the brakes will not meet the braking efficiency. To prevent the trailer being used illegally a remote vacuum pump, powered from the tow vehicle, could be installed to recharge the reservoir, alternatively a source could be made available from the tow vehicle. From 1 October 1988 the inertia braking system was required to allow the trailer to be reversed by the towing vehicle without imposing a sustained drag and such devices used for this purpose must engage and disengage automatically. This will be very difficult to achieve on an "A" frame using an inertia (overrun) device.

Am I legal Abroad?
Vienna Convention on Road Traffic 08Nov1968

A vehicle is said to be "in international traffic" in the territory of a State if:

1. It is owned by a natural or legal person normally resident outside that State;
2. It is not registered in that State; and
3. It is temporarily imported into that State;

provided, however, that a Contracting Party may refuse to regard as being "in international traffic" a vehicle which has remained in its territory for more than one year without a substantial interruption, the duration of which may be fixed by that Contracting Party.

A combination of vehicles is said to be "in international traffic" if at least one of the vehicles in the combination conforms to the above definition.

Subject to the exceptions provided for in Annex 1 to this Convention, Contracting Parties shall be bound to admit to their territories in international traffic motor vehicles and trailers which fulfil the conditions laid down in Chapter III of this Convention and whose drivers fulfil the conditions laid down in Chapter IV; they shall also be bound to recognize registration certificates issued in accordance with the provisions of Chapter III as prima facie evidence that the vehicles to which they refer fulfil the conditions laid down in the said Chapter III

Article 36
Every registered trailer in international traffic shall display its registration number at the rear. Where a motor vehicle draws one or more trailers, the sole trailer or the last trailer, if not registered, shall display the registration number of the drawing vehicle.

Article 37

Every trailer coupled to a motor vehicle and required under Article 36 of this Convention to display a registration number at the rear shall also display at the rear, either separately from its registration plate or incorporated into it, the distinguishing sign of the State where the registration number was assigned.
The provisions of this paragraph shall be applicable even if the trailer is registered in a State other than the State of registration of the motor vehicle to which it is coupled; if the trailer is not registered, it shall display at the rear the distinguishing sign of the State of registration of the drawing vehicle except when it is travelling in that State.

Annex 5
Every trailer shall be equipped at the rear with at least two red reflex-reflectors. These reflex-reflectors shall have the shape of an equilateral triangle with one vertex uppermost and one side horizontal. No signal lamp shall be placed inside the triangle. When illuminated by the driving, passing or fog lamps of another vehicle, the reflex-reflectors shall be visible to the driver of that vehicle at night in clear weather
Annex 5, Chapter 1, Section B, refers to Trailer Braking - See DoT UK requirements above.
Can I tow my Smart?
"The smart fortwo is designed to be flat towed with all four wheels on the ground. Your smart center can assist you with the procedures to allow for flat towing. In addition, the car can be carried on a flat bed."

For further information please refer to:

Letter from Smart UK regarding flat towing a Smart fortwo.


Letter from Smart UK about Flat towing a Smart fortwo

For further information please refer to:

YES You can tow a Smart Car.
I have towed mine for thousands of miles without any problems. What you MUST do is make sure it is in neutral as you can get a FALSE neutral and it is still in gear.
What I do once the A Frame is connected to Motorhome is:
- put gear leaver in neutral
- check that the gear selection symbol on the dash is on N
- If not, put foot on foot brake and move gear selector to Neutral again
- Once you have the N symbol on the dash start engine to make sure it is in neutral
( Wont start if not in neutral.)
- Turn off and take the key OUT as this locks the gear selector in Neutral
- Make sure hand brake is off and do not lock the doors otherwise the alarm will go off when towing.
It is also worth checking the level of engine oil before you tow on an A Frame.

Towball Height

Smart 450 towball

The EC Directive 94/20/EC states that the towball height should be between 350 and 420mm with the vehicle in the 'laden' condition. Laden condition may have been defined (by the manufacturer) as either fully laden (the maximum technically permitted mass of the vehicle as shown in the vehicle handbook), or, conventionally laden (defined as 68.5kg per specified passenger seat and 6.5kg of luggage per specified passenger and located in the centre of the luggage storage area). Alternatively, the towball may be at the height or height range specified by the vehicle manufacturer in the homologation documents and possibly the vehicle handbook.


Towbar for Smart

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