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Frquently Asked Questions  
Do you offer an Extended Warranty? Yes! We offer up to 2 years of extended warranty.
What if I am stopped by Police in the EU and fined? We have never had one of our Smart-Tow Systems stopped in Europe. We are so confident in the legality of Smart-Tow that we will work closely with you in order to redress any situation that may occur.
Does my A-Frame system need to be braked?

Yes. All "trailers" (tow car) with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of more than 750kg must be correctly braked. Even if the "trailer" has a MAM of <750kg the Law states that if brakes are fitted then they must work.

My towed vehicle is fitted with power assisted brakes, how do I get the brakes to operate correctly when towing?

The Department of Transport have issued a formal note regarding A-Frames. Among many Construction & Use requirements the DoT clearly state:
"If the trailer braking system has power assistance it is likely that this assistance will be required while in motion. To prevent the trailer being used illegally a remote vacuum pump could be installed to recharge the reservoir."
This is exactly what SmartBoxDUO does - we are the only Company in Europe with this System.
This is not a myth as some inferior system manufacturers would have you believe.

Some cheaper tow car companies say you don't need to replenish the power brake vacuum and that their system meets all requirements. Is this correct?

Unfortunately there are some companies who claim their competitive system has been tested at "Government approved centre's" and meet various "Standards" to which "Certificates" are provided. We do not wish to get into acrimonious discussion on this subject but please be aware that much of this is irrelevant or misleading. Please checkout any claims yourself directly with the Authority to whom the competition say they have a relationship. Buyer beware!

We would prefer you to refer directly to the Department of Transport formal position on the matter of braking requirements. If you require any further information regarding the regulations covered by this DfT fact sheet, please contact the DfT at the address below:-
Department for Transport, Transport Technology and Standards 3
Zone 2/04, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR
Telephone: 020 7944 2078 - Email:

I have heard that some companies don't want you to see their components and try to hide the workings! Will you let me see your System and demonstrate it to me before I decide to buy? Yes, without a doubt! We are open and transparent about our System with nothing to hide. Come and see us at a Show or at Storrington and we will be happy to let you inspect and operate the full system.
We also operate a fully working demo box at every Show for you to see the full System in detail.
Does your System apply the brakes using the power assistance as the manufacturer designed and homologated the vehicle? Yes, absolutely! We are the only company in Europe fitting a dual sensing electronic vacuum pump, as required by the DfT, that replenishes the vacuum in the brake servo resevoir so that the power brakes can be applied 100% - No compromise.
Do you have somewhere close to me where I can get Smart-Tow installed in my vehicle? Yes, we have fully trained Professional Install Centres throughout the UK who can tailor our many installation options to your individual requirements.
Give your nearest Centre a call and they will happily talk you through the entire Smart-Tow System.
If I want to fit the system myself, or have my favourite local garage fit it for me, will you supply the full kit direct to me?

Absolutely, if you prefer to purchase the install kit for self fit we are happy to supply whatever you need along with fitting instructions and telephone support.
However our Install Centres are experts in the process and will offer a very competitive service.

Can I pay using Debit or Credit Cards?

Yes, we accept all Major Cards

Do A-Frame systems comply with Construction & Use Law and reversing requirements?

From 1 October 1988 the inertia braking system is required to allow the trailer to be reversed by the towing vehicle without imposing a sustained drag and such devices used for this purpose must engage and disengage automatically. This will be very difficult to achieve on an "A" frame using an inertia (overrun) device.
SmartBoxDUO is dual sensing and looks for a brake signal from the towing vehicle. This second signal is not present when reversing. Therefore SmartBoxDUO does NOT apply a sustained drag in reverse and therefore fully complies with the auto reverse regulations.

What will my towing vehicle tow? Your towing vehicle will have a Gross Vehicle Weight and a Gross Train Weight stated in its documentation and/or on a plate attached to the vehicle. Subtract the GVW from the GTW and that is what you can tow.
For example:- GVW=3500kg GTW=5500kg (5500-3500 = 2000kg) 2 metric tonne.
How do I get a rough idea of what my towed vehicle weighs? This will be stated in the vehicle documentation and/or V5. Another option would be to have it weighed at your local public weigh bridge.
How will the new UNECE Regulation 13 apply? UNECE Regulation 13 is due to replace 71/320/EEC in 2014. The full implications are yet to be made clear but it seems the effect may be to outlaw mechanical overrun systems in all but purpose built trailers and caravans.
We are confident SmartBoxDUO Electronic Vacuum Braking fully meets Reg13 now!
How does the system communicate to my tow car behind how hard I am braking in my motor home? Our Electronic Vacuum Braking System is manufactured in the USA where they have many years of experience of flat towing. The System has a G sensor mounted in the car which generates data on the degree of braking and the SmartBoxDUO applies the power brakes proportionally up to 100% of the braking efficiency designed in by the original vehicle manufacturer.
Does the tow-car clock up mileage when I'm towing it?
No. The mileage counter (odometer) of most modern cars only records when the ignition is turned on. So no mileage is recorded when towing with the ignition off.
What happens if something goes wrong with the system?
All our systems are fully warranted for 2 years.
I would like to be assured my system meets European legal requirements, can you provide a Declaration of Conformance? Yes! We can self certify a Declaration of Conformity for a Smart-Tow system fitted at any of our Install Centres. Complete peace of mind.

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