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451 Electronics

Local Rate: 0333-335-1020


Here you will find some important information regarding the correct use and care of your tow system along with some helpful advice and recommendations from various bodies and authorities*. We strongly urge you to read and understand the concepts detailed here.

Smart-Tow User Guide
The following instructions from HMB Leisure Ltd are essential to the correct operation of the Smart-Tow system ..... Read More

SmartBoxDUO User Guide
The following instructions from SMI Brake are essential to the correct adjustment and operation of the Smart-Tow braking system ..... Read More

Essential Maintenance & Periodic Inspections
The Smart-Tow system A-Frame and Vacuum Power Braking system must be inspected, tested and maintained on a regular basis ..... Read More
Warranty - 2 Years
We are confident that our product will perform well and therefore warrant you, as the original purchaser, that your new product will be free from mechanical and electrical defects in material and workmanship during the warranty period. .... Read More
Smart-Trailer User Guide
The following instructions from HMB Leisure Ltd are essential to the correct operation of a Smart-Trailer
..... Read More
International Traffic Letter
This trailer braking system has power assistance (i.e. servo or full power). To prevent this trailer being used illegally a remote vacuum braking pump, powered from the tow vehicle, is installed to recharge the braking servo reservoir. This dual sensing electronic vacuum braking system also allows the trailer to be reversed by the towing vehicle without imposing a sustained drag and the devices used for this purpose engages and disengages automatically ..... Read More

Spain and A Frames
There appears to be much speculation and rumour mixed with a little fact about A Frames and Spain ..... Read More


References to Department of Transport requirements,
UK Laws, EU Directives and UNECE instruments

DoT Notes
On A Frames & Dollies ..... Read More
Trailer Requirements ..... Read More
American Braking Systems ..... Read More

Excerpts from Construction and Use Regulations 1986
..... Read More

Vienna Convention on Road Traffic
A vehicle is said to be “in international traffic” in the territory of a State if:
(i) It is owned by a natural or legal person normally resident outside that State;
(ii) It is not registered in that State; and
(iii) It is temporarily imported into that State; ..... Read More

Will my A-Frame become illegal in 2014? are finding that many customers are asking us for clarification on the coming implementation of EU Regulations regarding the towing of trailers/A-Framed vehicles and we thought it might be helpful for all if we explained our understanding of this complex area for all customers in one place...... Read More

UNECE Regulation 13
Concerning the adoption of uniform technical prescriptions for wheeled vehicles, equipment and parts which can be fitted and/or be used on wheeled vehicles and the conditions for reciprocal recognition of approvals granted on the basis of these prescriptions...... Read More

EU Directive 94/20/EC
OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL relating to the mechanical coupling devices of motor vehicles and their trailers and their attachment to those vehicles ..... Read More

The British Embassy in Spain The Madrid Embassy

Find a British Embassy in Europe ..... Read More

How to contact your MEP ..... Read More

UK Foreign Office The Foreign & Commonwealth office is responsible for promoting and protecting British interests overseas ..... Read More


Useful Check List Check how Smart-Tow compares point by point with other systems ..... Read More

White Paper There are currently in excess of 7 main suppliers of A-Frame towing equipment for towing small cars behind Motorhomes in the UK. These fall into two distinct genre of A-Frame towing systems available in the UK Market: ..... Read More

Advice from Smart Flat towing is when all wheels of the Smart are on the ground during the tow.
For vehicles that will be flat towed over long distances observe the following Smart recommendations:
Read More

Smart 451 Manual Failure to follow the recommendations for flat towing can cause damage to your
Smart vehicle: ..... Read More

Dutch A-Frames For those who speak Dutch here is an interesting article on the legal position in the Netherlands ..... Read More

HMB (Leisure) Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business (Supply of Goods and Services) ..... Read More


*The information supplied by HMB Leisure Ltd and on this web site is from various independent resources and is our best understanding of the current situation.
However we do not warrant information from independent sources as accurate and we do not accept any liability for its accuracy, correctness, usage or any other reliance placed upon it whatsoever.
Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd accepts no responsibility for users failure to adhere to User Instructions and Documentation as posted from time to time.
Where the applicable Law allows Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd limits its total liability in any claim to the actual amount paid for the individual item concerned.
In particular, where permitted by law, Half Moon Bay (Leisure) Ltd excludes all liability for consequential loss.

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