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The ONLY Dual Sensing Vacuum-Assisted Power Braking System in Europe
that maintains the level of vacuum in your towed vehicle power brakes - No dead pedal

The Most Powerful Vacuum Assisted Braking

Braking the way your
vehicle manufacturer intended

One of the key problems with ordinary A-Frames, that use a manual overrun system to apply the towed vehicle's brakes, or use a Brake Buddy, or unpowered servo, is that it is invariably operating on a "Dead Pedal" and therefore may not meet the braking efficiencies required by law. If your towed vehicle has power assisted brakes, energised by vacuum from the engine inlet manifold to the master servo, then when the towed vehicle's engine is not running it is not providing vacuum to the brake's servo and is therefore unlikely to meet an effective braking capacity, according to the Construction and Use Regulations and EC Directive 71/320, without applying excessive brute force to the dead brake pedal.

Decelerometer & Actuator in footwell

SmartBox Duo Vacuum Braking is different

SmartBox DUO vacuum assisted braking provides both vacuum and air pressure. The SmartBox DUO system energizes the towed vehicle's power assisted servo brakes without the engine running, so you have a soft and effective brake pedal. Once engaged, SmartBox DUO replenishes the vacuum in the car's power assisted servo brake system. By replenishing the vacuum, gentle smooth pressure is applied to the towed vehicle's brakes. With the power assisted servo brakes active, only 10 - 12 pounds of pressure is required to apply the brakes effectively and provide a gentle smooth stop in compliance with the requirements of the Construction and Use Regulations for braked trailers.

SmartBox DUO requires two separate signals to activate the towed vehicle brakes. Deceleration from the G sensor plus a signal from the Motorhome brake light switch. Using two activation signals is the best method for eliminating complicated electronics, control unwanted or unnecessary activation of the towed vehicle brakes and allows for an automatic reverse facility as required by law.

We believe Smart-Tow combined with SmartBox DUO vacuum assisted braking fully meets the requirements of the Construction and Use Regulations and European Community Directives 71/320/EEC and 98/12/EC.

Smart Box DUO Vacuum Braking

Tow a Car Braked Towing Frames with SmartBox

Activation of the towed vehicle's brakes require BOTH deceleration and the brake lights from the motorhome. Once BOTH signals are present, SmartBox DUO gently applies the brakes. There is no complicated gain or sensitivity to achieve the proportionate balance of brake effort required by Construction & Use Regulations, it is all automatic. Because SmartBox DUO can use both deceleration and brake light notification from the motorhome, there is absolutely no delay. This becomes critical in a panic stop. Systems that use only deceleration must "think" first, is this a steep grade, is this a large bump, or is this stopping? Time translates to feet while towing and in a panic stop, inches are important.

No self contained system applies brakes faster than the SmartBox DUO.
Simple on/off towing, the gentleness of vacuum, the speed and power of air pressure, dual signal activation, and reliable motorhome notification all combine to provide the most powerful easy to use system available today that meets the braking capacity AND Auto Reverse requirements of the Construction & Use Regulations and European Community Directive 71/320/EEC


SmartBox DUO
SmartBoxDUO Vacuum Pump that
recharges the brake reservoir as required by the DoT

Another key difference in the SmartBox DUO is the Motorhome Notification System. There is only one way to obtain reliable information about the towed vehicle's brakes and we believe this to be through the towed-vehicle's brake light switch. Many will argue that there is another way; that there is a better way, but if you think it through, you will agree, the brake light switch eliminates the question.

One has to wonder, how many systems today are really easy to use? Many claims are made in advertising literature but is brand X really easy to use or do they just want you to think it is. SmartBox DUO is REALLY easy to use, just turn it on. We make no inflated claims. You do have a five hour install, just once. This is the SmartBox DUO difference, install once and always ready. It's that easy.

Unfortunately there are some companies who claim their competitive system has been tested at "Government approved centres" and meet various "Standards" to which "Certificates" are provided. We do not wish to get into acrimonious discussion on this subject but please be aware that much of this is irrelevant or misleading.
Please checkout any claims yourself directly
with the Authority to whom the competition say they have a relationship. Buyer beware!

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