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451 Electronics

Local Rate: 0333-335-1020

The ONLY Dual Sensing Vacuum-Assisted Power Braking System in Europe
that maintains the level of vacuum in your towed vehicle power brakes - No dead pedal

VW Up Flat Tow A-Frame
A-Frame towing specifically designed for flat towing behind Motorhomes

The Lightest A-Frame !
As the electronic Power Assist braking system is permanently installed in the towed car the TOWtough A-Frame is so light, ONLY 8kg, you can easily lift it with one hand!

Motorhome Towing for Smart fortwo
I Go Where I'm Towed To!

No Complicated Set-Up,
Just Switch On & Go !!

For 2016 Smart-Tow offers the TOWtough model of A-Frame as described here

Ruggedised, collapsible & tough tow frame for extra heavy duty and abuse.

Regular long distance journeys between routine servicing, rough roads and heavier towing masses - simple but very strong!

Only slightly longer than your average bed pillow when folded - easy to handle & store


- Fully Meets C&U 1986 Towing Rules - 100% Legal

The towing pins utilise the vehicle manufacturers standard towing points to attach the Smart-Tow A-Frame. This eliminates the need to cut and change the front panels of the vehicle thereby avoiding any adverse effects on the crash management system, air bag deployment and resale value of the towed vehicle.

Key Points:

  • - Very Light Weight - 8Kg (17lb)
  • Really! This is not a false claim like some.
  • - Length when folded - 80cm (32")

  • - All proportional VACUUM braking activation is contained in the towed vehicle

  • - No heavy braking components mounted on the Towing Frame

  • - A-Frame folds & telescopes to fit in the boot

  • - Connects to the Manufacturers tow points

  • - No complicated mounting plate modifications
  • - Professionally fitted by Experts local to you
  • - no need to travel the Country
  • - Easy to Use
  • - Just switch on and go

    Crash Management System bar

    Manufacturers tow points

    VW Up Flat Tow A-Frame
    Uses Manufacturers Tow Points

    Towing Toyota Aygo
    No cut or modified panels

    No compromised crash management
    KIA Picanto
    KIA Picanto

    Towing Fiat Panda
    Fiat Panda

    Citroen C1
    Citroen C1
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